About the campaign

We want to make the full range of residential CHOICE a reality

We call on Care Quality Commission policy makers and local authority commissioners to ensure people with a learning disability and/or autism have the same rights as everyone else to CHOOSE where they live.

Many group and village communities deliver excellent care and accommodation.

This should be available for ALL people with a learning disability and/or autism, and their families.

We call on the UK Government to revise funding incentives which are causing the closure of some people’s residential choices and homes.

We call on local authorities, care providers and charities to embrace CHOICE.

What CHOICES are we campaigning for?

People with learning disabilities and/or autism should have a choice as to where they wish to live. There are many choices that should be available to them and their families that are currently denied to them including, for example, to live in a group or village community.

Group and village communities are not ‘institutional hospitals’ with wards. They are most often a collection of small homes and flats with some shared community facilities that provide education, entertainment, and leisure activities designed to meet the specific needs of the community. They are often located on the edge of towns or cities and have developed good local ties with more general facilities such as shops, pubs, sports centres etc. 

These facilities allow those who live in such settings to enjoy an enriching variety of occupations on and off site. These communities, whether Supported Living or Residential Care funded, encourage, empower and enable active engagement with the surrounding communities, according to the needs, wishes and interests of their residents.

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